Cool Catering Equipment Party Rentals

There are a lot of catering rentals you can rent when you are gathering for a party and a lot of other fun events. Basically, depending on the party event, you can rent some really cool catering equipment for your party. Here are a few items just to name a few that you can rent in order to match your theme or just to make it look like you are going all out on your special day.

8 QT single inserted Chafer dish

This is a dish that you can’t go without when it comes to your event. These dishes hold a number of items like a side dish of mac and cheese and even a few deserts if you would like. You can put anything into this dish as long as it fits and holds the proper 8 QT. Some even go as far as to add chicken because you can keep it hot because it is a stainless steel model.

3 Tier glass stand

A 3 tier glass stand usually holds cupcakes or some type of nice desert when it comes to the size and the tier. You don’t want to add anything heavy on this item, because it can easily crack or give way. There are many events that you will go to that have this Tier and they will have little gift bags for kids or some type of finger food on all three tiers leading up to the top. This is why many usually call it the 3 tier cake stand.

Beverage Dispensaries

Beverage Dispensaries range from Rolltop Coffee Urns to Punch Bowls. When it comes to a Beverage Dispensary you can choose as many as you want or just get what you need to have at your event. If you are throwing a party a Punch bowl may be the way to go and you can go glass, stainless steel or just grab some type of water pitcher and throw water or whatever you would like into it. Water pitchers are usually for water, so since you are renting it would be wise to use a water pitcher for just water.


Renting catering services offer stoves and or ovens if needed. If you are in need of a Stove or oven you can rent one for the back if you are in a venue that has one or you can get a table top. If you only need a table top then you can find a catering service to give you just that in order to reheat food or cook certain items for your guests.

Fridge and Food Storage

The same works for a fridge and food service. Catering Equipment Rental companies will give you a fridge or food storage to ensure that your beverages or any kind of cake or ice cream stay cold during the party. You will be able to place anything in the fridge for the duration of the event. All food that needs to stay cold or frozen will have a place to go, so no ice chest or anything is needed.

China Rentals

Everyone tries to collect little China cups, plates, and bowls but you can never eat out of them. Well here is your chance to serve your favourite foods right from the China plate itself by renting a variety of China equipment that is definitely not your own. There are a few companies that offer all sorts of China ranging from different colours and a few come square and round. You will even have some plate covers just in case you are outside, but you can use them for inside too. If you are not a fan of these items then you can choose something way more suitable for your taste.

Glassware Rentals

The glassware is made up of Punchbowls and the cups that you will need for your guests to drink out of. If you are going to serve martinis then make sure that you rent a couple of Martini glasses along with regular glassware cups in order to ensure that every guest has something to drink out of.

The Glassware is made up of old fashion glasses to champagne and wine glasses. You will have a lot to choose from when it is time to choose your drinking cups.

There are a lot of things that you can rent when it comes to an event, so make sure that you look at the companies around you. If you are a business looking for equipment you can get fryers, grills and all kinds of things in order to make someones special day turn out great.