Sectors Where China Is Passing The Rest Of The World In

Over the last 6 months the President of China Xi has put so many new leaders in certain positions to
regulate certain sectors of China. The focus is to take the Chinese economy and social activities to the new level of success. Now, with its rapidly expanding market and low production cost, every industry in China is showing the stagnation signs. There are certain sectors that are going to show faster growth in 2018, leaving rest of the world behind.

Here are the top current booming industries that will take Chinese Economy to whole new level:


Certain regulations passed in the auto sector, requiring manufacturers to increase their sales of
electric and hybrid vehicles. For the next several years, the main focus is on the manufacturing of electric vehicles or low fuel consumption vehicles. It is also good according to environment perspectives. The main aim here is to dominate the global electric-vehicle market till 2030.


The changes made in China Food and Drug Administration regulatory led to the launching of more than
35 modernized drugs in 2017. But now, more than 300 drugs added to National Reimbursement Drug list. It means, more drugs in the market, more online healthcare services, and the accessibility to patients will increase too. On the top of it, more funding will be there from billions of dollars of Private
Chinese companies. In the Biotech Sector, the Chinese companies over 800 molecules under development and are rapidly licensing in and out of China.


The education sector in China is under its golden age right now. In the year 2015, the revenues were
US$232 Billion in the market, and now, it is expected to get double in the coming few years. There were times when private education sector was zero, but now, there are more than 150,000 private schools in China. Also, more and more foreign investors are investing their money in Chinese Education Industry,
especially in Private English Language Training in China. The reason is that Chinese Government does not put any special implications on the English language. Even the parents are investing their money in private sector education in

Asset & Pension Management

With the establishment of Financial Stability & Development Committee back in 2017, will have a
great impact in 2018. The Shadow Banking and micro-lending are going to be curtailed. The fund management sector of China is doing extremely well up until now. And now, because of the opening in the financial sector for foreign involvement, the wealth management, and competition will intensify art rapid pace.

It’s Not Soccer, it’s E-Sports Time

2018 is going to be quieter for soccer in terms of Chinese investments. From the United Kingdom to
Italy, the Soccer Entrepreneurs now know that it is easy to buy soccer team as compared to running it successfully. But now, the Chinese E-Sports player is performing extraordinarily well in the global industry. There is over 1,000 professional E-Sports player and around 20 players have already earned 1
million dollars in 2017. The professional E-Sports League of China is taking over and is passing the whole world behind.

These were the important sectors that are taking Chinese Economy to the new heights and have
the capability to surpass international competitors too.