How EA and Blizzard Are Collapsing and what it means for the gaming industry

What comes to your mind when you think about gaming? Computer gaming, right? Console gaming, if not the computer gaming. But, the number of people who think about mobile gaming is almost negligible.

Well, it seems like the game developers such as Electronics Arts (EA) and Blizzard have modified their imaginative capacities. Moreover, they are not worried about losing their fanbases. That’s why they are committed to raising the expectations and demolishing them by developing ‘extra-ordinary’ games.

Games are always competitive. No matter whether it is a physical or a virtual game, a player always tries to win. But, what if the game developer is biased with the rules of the game for money?

EA’s approach to earning big bucks with the help of small chunks in the name of loot boxes earned it anger and
disappointment from its fanbase. The developer provided loot boxes at specifics costs which proved to be crucial to perform better in the company’s Star Wars Battlefront 2 game.

The game received so much criticism after the launch that EA had to pull off all the in-application purchases that were part of micro-transactions. It relaunched the game with refreshed free full features.

A similar kind of effort was made by EA when it launched the NFS: Payback. The game also consisted of small purchases which proved to be crucial for better performance.

Well, EA is already infamous for being one of the most hated companies in America. Well, you can search Google if it is hard to digest. The company has made huge profits despite being one of the most hated companies in America.

Blizzard has also shown its hunger for tapping a more fertile market of mobile gaming. Every year Blizzard organizes an expo called Blizzcon where it announces new releases or expansion to existing games.

Fans of the developer of Call of Duty were hoping exciting new launches for themselves at Blizzcon this year. But,
Blizzard came out with a mobile game called Diablo: Immortal.

Diablo was first introduced in 1996. It was based on the fantasy theme of a dungeon crawler who discovers new weapons, kills bosses and finally tackles Diablo (Lord of Terror and the ruler of the hell).

The last expansion of Diablo was released in 2017. Since most of the hardcore gamers prefer computers or consoles over smartphones, they were expecting something for their devices. The expectations got more damage when Blizzard’s lead designer Wyatt Cheng indirectly stated that they didn’t have anything for pc/console gamers this year.

“What is the way forward for EA and Blizzard now?”

It is astonishing that gaming companies such as EA and Blizzard who have delivered successful and popular games such as FIFA, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, etc. don’t care about what their fanbase expect from them.

“Is it really true?”

Not completely. Yes, their recent decisions and actions are not aligned with the hopes of their fans. It is not that the disappointment and the rage among the fans don’t reach their team.

EA has acknowledged the response of the fans and committed to improving their strategies for a better gaming experience. On the other hand, Blizzard recognizes that the mobile gaming market is highly lucrative. But it can’t simply replace those who have helped the company in establishing its identity in the gaming world.

It is hard to predict the next move of both the game developers as of now. As a third person, you can only wait and watch the future progress. Since, both the companies are here to make money. They will not work in a direction which will hamper their credibility among hardcore gamers.